Murder mystery After Dinner

Having and maintaining a 3-star restaurant requires top performance from D. Head and his staff. The pressure to meet all expectations is high. Mistakes at this level will not be tolerated and risk harming the reputation of restaurant 'Tour de Blanc'.


To create a high performance, restaurant 'Tour de Blanc' selected a group of suppliers who provide the restaurant with fresh products daily. Mr. D. Head has a very refined taste. He knows how to combine the best herbs and spices to create the most delicious dishes.


To celebrate the success of 'Tour de Blanc', the restaurant organises a dinner for family, friends, and suppliers. The dinner goes well, all dishes are served on time. After dinner, there is some fuss about the wine, but Mr. D. Head quickly solves it. Later on, he is found dead in the lobby.

Has his top performance been fatal to him?


Characters in this Murder Mystery Game

Anny Head
Murder mystery After Dinner

I am Anny Head, Dick's wife. Where needed, I offer my husband a helping hand, but generally Dick handles things himself; he thinks it's his responsibility. I'm more active behind the scenes. I am a caring type.