Murder mystery Foxy Lady

Champagne, cocktails, opulant silk dresses, brilliant shows, and famous names: the Foxy Lady nightclub is the ultimate destination for extravagant drag queens and their friends of any gender.


Every weekend, hundreds of people visit the club. On the luxurious seats, underneath the crystal chandeliers, they feast their eyes, are the subject of scrutiny, and down hundreds of pounds worth of luridly coloured drinks.


The Foxy Lady has to maintain its reputation as the most exquisite drag club in the country, so the owner often invites the tabloid press to shows, parties, and contests. 


Characters in this Murder Mystery Game

Tess Steckle
Murder mystery Foxy Lady

I am Tess, hostess at the club. Yes, the last couple of years we have rather been in the spotlight. Of course, that's because we are such an extravagant club. Guests no longer come just for the entertainment, no, they want an experience. And we deliver an experience from start to finish. Lorelei is one of our star acts. She knows exactly how to seduce the public with her sensual look. Some guests even believe that they are really being seduced. After her show, it's always is a crush at the door to her dressing room. Everyone wants to talk to her and touch her.