Murder mystery Mayflower pub

Mayflower pub is a typical neighbourhood pub with a cosy atmosphere thanks to its dark oak furniture, crimson velvet curtains and quotes on porcelain plaques hung on the walls.


The regulars exchange the latest gossip and developments. Everyone is fluent and articulate. Not a single subject is ignored while the beer flows freely. New guests are assessed and evaluated. Everyone thinks they know each other, until the landlord is murdered.


Characters in this Murder Mystery Game

Werner Schnitzel
Murder mystery Mayflower pub

I am Werner Schnitzel, 48 years old, from Germany. I am in London on business. I am a representative for 'Freezer', a new party drink. It's a fast-moving business, today I'm popular and tomorrow nobody knows me. Biff Wellington is one of my clients. Well, he is actually more of a friend. I am always well received when I am in The Smoke, as they call it here.