Murder mystery The End

The red carpet is laid out, the cameras have been adjusted and the spotlights are on. The celebrities can arrive any minute. Fans and journalists wait with baited breath behind the crowd control barriers. A limousine arrives with the first actors and actresses. They enter the theatre laughing and waving, not knowing what the evening will bring.


After a long wait she arrives, the star of the evening, leading lady, Hope of Holland. After a number of small supporting roles and good reviews, she now is a star of the big screen. A movie adaptation of the celebrated book ‘Couscous with strawberries’ is rumoured to become a huge success, so everyone is very excited.


After the movie there is an after-party, where guests enjoy music, drinks and canapés. Suddenly a scream is heard over the noise. The music is interrupted, everyone stops in their tracks. It is 'Hope', she has… she has collapsed. What has happened? Surely someone has seen something?


Characters in this Murder Mystery Game

Justin Case
Murder mystery The End

Hi, I'm Justin, actor and singer. I was in in the soap opera 'Good days, bad days ' co-star of Hope. You can still see me daily. If that enough of a challenge? Yes of course! My role has gotten so much more in-depth. As an actor you have to grow in your role. We now deliver better quality we can see that in the ratings.