Party game Noble Blood

After the death of Baron Marshwood, Baroness Sophia Alexandra Marshwood lives on her own at the Bettiscombe Manor. The Baroness has an active and social life, regardless of her old age. For instance, the Baroness has a number of administrative functions and is an avid gardener and painter.


Apart from her permanent staff (who take care of her everyday needs), the Baroness has two faithful friends who regularly visit her, and one son, one daughter and in-laws.


When the Baroness decides to organise a family dinner, everything seems to be peaceful and friendly. Until the next morning… when the cleaner discovers the lifeless body of Baroness Marshwood in the library.


Characters in this Murder Mystery Game

C.P. Van Rochford
Party game Noble Blood

Catharina van Rochford. I am the granddaughter of the Baroness. I like it here. I have a private house on the estate. I can do whatever I like, except at these kinds of parties when everyone behaves according to the protocol of grandmother.